Postgraduate Student Assist Officer – Resume / Curriculum Vitae


To excel, to give my best and to maintain military-standard discipline and organisation when performing duties, while adhering to social justice principles of demonstrating respect, dignity, integrity and empathy for colleagues and clients.

  • Able to work independently or in a team
  • Able to take direction from superiors
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent motivational skills
  • Good understanding of power dynamics
  • Creative, adaptable and flexible
  • Able to work well under pressure
  • Determined and will persevere to see tasks to completion
  • Culturally aware and sensitive
  • Strong commitment to social justice and advocacy
  • Good planning and organisational skills
  • Reliable and well-disciplined

  • Customer service and frontline skills
  • Peer counselling, mentorship, mediation and support
  • Academic writing, grant writing, report writing, blog writing and web copywriting
  • Administration and data management using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Statistical Analyses using Prism, SPSS, SAS,
  • Graphic Design using Photoshop, Gimpshop, Youzign,
  • Video production using Microsoft Live Movie Maker, Videomaker FX,
  • Website development, with intermediate knowledge of HTML coding, WordPress interface, FTP, C-Panel and MySQL database management
  • Event management skills, including budgeting, logistics and promotion
  • Staff management skills, with a strong interpersonal focus
  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, with basic conversational ability in Malay, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, and several Chinese dialects

  1. Master of Philosophy (Medical Science), University of WA, 2014
  2. Master of Science (Infectious Disease), University of WA, 2009
  3. Bachelor of Science (Genetics), University of Western Australia, 2005

Job scope and achievements:

  • Planned and successfully ran events for international postgraduate students. Events included: morning and afternoon teas, barbeques, career fairs and workshops, diversity workshops, quiz nights, formal dinners, in-house movie screenings, off-campus visits to places of interest
  • Organised menus for food-related events; catering for all dietary requirements and keeping events family-friendly and alcohol-free
  • Liaised with external parties such as Guild catering outlets, venue hire facility managers, campus security, external food suppliers and other service providers
  • Promoted events via direct interaction and poster/video creation
  • Secured sponsorships and prize funding for events
  • Set up, emceed and ran events
  • Advised and mentored international postgraduate students about student life at UWA, including channels for grievances via student Guild services
  •  Successfully led LACE to win the prestigious CISWA International Education Provider of the Year award for 2014

Skills acquired and used in this job role:

  • Event planning and organisational skills, including emergency planning.
  • Operations and logistics management of events
  • Negotiation skills with external parties such as venue hire and food vendors
  • Gained effective communication skills when pitching for sponsorships

Additional notes about this job:

  • Did stocktaking, ticketing, rotating and shelving of goods
  • Liaised with assistant managers for the ordering of stock
  • Used machinery such as trolleys, non-electronic pallet jacks, bale crusher
  • Provided upkeep and maintenance of the premises
  • Assisted individual customers with queries

Skills acquired and used in this job role:

  • Stock-taking and estimation
  • Time-management skills
  • Frontline customer service skills

Additional notes about this job:

  • Direct Superiors: Robert Thomas, Chrissie and Ben

Job scope and achievements:

  • Acted as secretary to the chair of the committee that undertook policy development for all medical and dental centres in the SAF
  • Composed and distributed agendas and minutes to medical officers and senior medics
  • Ensured all medical and dental centres obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • Successfully evaluated contract tenders for the purchase of medical equipment
  • Developed Resuscitation Registers to completion and successfully oversaw its implementation
  • Managed the main medical library in the SAF
  • Maintained laboratory records and invoices from public hospitals, as well as dispatched and collected highly classified information
  • Developed and produced presentations for government officials, auditors, military servicemen and the general public using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Planned, organised, and ran seminars, conferences, and grand ward rounds

Skills developed and utilised in this job role:

  • Chairing and minute-taking
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Strong understanding of the audit process and tender process
  • Event planning and management
  • Communication skills in interacting with both hierarchical (military) and non-hierarchical (civilian) personnel, and with all rank levels
  • Knowledge of protocols for handling sensitive and classified military information

Courses and competencies obtained in this job role:

  • Basic Military Training – Infantry
  • Administrative Support Assistant course
  • Work Improvement Teams (WITS) course
  • Basics of customer contact skills course

Additional notes about this job:

  • Direct Superiors: SWO Patricia Goh (retired), Ms Pong Ai Kuan, LTC Lionel Cheng,

  • Delivered and collected catalogues for home wares
  • Collected order forms and goods
  • Handled cash transactions

Skills acquired and used in this job role:

  • Understanding of the catalog home delivery business model
  • Direct contact with customers
  • Direct handling of cash

Additional notes about this job:

  • Direct Superiors: Mr William (Bill) Muehsam

This project was undertaken as part of the Peel Child Health Study (PCHS), which was funded by Murdoch University Australia. Research facilities were provided at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research (TICHR), also known as the Telethon Kids Institute (TKI) and Murdoch University (Peel campus).

Thesis Title:

Maternal Exposures to Indoor Air Pollutants during Pregnancy and Lung Function in Early Infancy

Association memberships:

  • Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ)
  • Australian Lung Foundation (ALF)
  • Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia (APESMA)

Academic and Scholarly Presentations:

  • “Effects of Environmental Pollutants on Early Life Weight Gain” – TICHR Student Circle Conference 2012, Perth (oral)
  • “Passive In-Utero Exposure to Paternal Smoking Does Not Influence Lung Function in Six-Week Old Infants” – TSANZ National Conference 2012, Canberra (poster)
  • “Maternal exposures to environmental pollutants during pregnancy and respiratory health outcomes in neonates” – SHMRC (Students of Health and Medical Research Conference) 2011, Perth (poster)
  • “Prenatal Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution and Lung Development at 6 weeks of age” – TICHR Wetlab Seminar Series 2011, Perth (oral)
  • “Prenatal Exposure to indoor air pollutants and its effect on lung function during Infancy” – TICHR Student Circle Conference 2011, Perth (oral)
  • “Indoor air pollutants: potentially retarding the lungs of our offspring“ – School of Paediatric and Child Health 2010, Perth (oral)

Scholarships and Awards:

  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
  • UWA Safety Net Top-Up Scholarship
  • TSANZ National Conference Travel Grant (2012)
  • SHMRC Award for General Practice and Primary Care

Workshops attended:

  • Constructive conversations, Telethon Kids Institute, 2013
  • Becoming a high-performance team, Telethon Kids Institute, 2013
  • Consumer and Community Participation in Health and Medical Research, Telethon Kids Institute, 2012
  • Courageous conversations about Race, UWA, 2012
  • Communicating with impact, UWA, 2010

Skills developed and utilised in this role:

  • Acquired detailed knowledge of the procedure of obtaining a higher degree by research (HDR), including all academic and reporting requirements, and the steps taken to obtain such a degree
  • Obtained detailed knowledge of the process of transition into life as an academic, industry representative or research scientist
  • Mastered the process of obtaining research grants from various funding bodies such as the ARC and NHMRC, including mandatory steps such as ethics application
  • Developed academic writing skills and grasped the peer-review process for publication into various scientific journals
  • Honed networking skills with potential colleagues for future research projects
  • Undertook various types of quantitative statistical analyses such as linear regression, logistic regression and Chi Squared tests
  • Time management, as data collection was conducted in Mandurah
  • Advanced interpersonal skills from working with supervisors, colleagues, research staff, study participants and suppliers
  • Enhanced troubleshooting ability using specific machinery and software

Additional notes about this course:

This was a coursework degree with a compulsory one-semester research project component. This component was undertaken at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Thesis Title:

Dengue Genomic Sequence Analysis and Investigations to Understand Displacement of the American-Asian Genotype by the Asian-1 Genotype of DENV-2 in Southern Vietnam

Scholarships and awards:

  • Best Aggregate Mark Award, 2009
  • First Prize in Research Project in Infectious Diseases MICR8838
  • Commonwealth-Supported scholarship position

Skills developed and utilised in this role:

  • Bioinformatic analyses, used in this project to identify divergence at T-cell epitope sites in dengue viral (DENV) RNA sequences and identify divergence at DENV envelope protein sites to evaluate effectiveness of vaccines
  • Wet laboratory techniques including BHK plaque assay and DFA staining used specifically to maintain and passage various mosquito and mammalian cell line

Additional notes about this course:

Vice President (2011):

Job scope and achievements:

  • Assisted the President with her duties, including tasks regarding advocacy, collegiality and education, in concordance with the constitution
  • Managed the other members of the committee by keeping track of their progress and assisting wherever necessary
  • Undertook all Presidential duties necessary for day-to-day administration of the PSA during periods of presidential absence
  • Responsible for education issues pertaining to research and coursework students at the university
  • Represented the interests of coursework and research postgraduates
  • Liaised with Faculty representatives and on-campus higher degree by research or coursework groups including, but not limited to, faculty societies

Equity Officer (2012):

Job scope and achievements:

  • Liaised with on-campus equity and diversity-related groups within the Guild, such as the Queer, Women’s and International groups, as well as the Equity and Diversity office at UWA and other sector equity groups
  • Undertook training to better understand issues that may disadvantage or cause distress and hardship to certain cohorts, such as race, gender, sexuality, poverty, and disability
  • Organised and ran events during Student Poverty Week and Social Justice Week
  • Ensured that PSA members are aware of acceptable and unacceptable conduct in line with anti-discrimination and equal opportunity regulations

Faculty Representative, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (2012):

Job scope and achievements:

  • Liaised with student group representatives of 11 schools that fall within the Faculty, including attending their meetings and events
  • Attended Faculty Board meetings as a student representative and contributed to policy-making
  • Attended individual meetings with the Faculty Dean to discuss postgraduate student issues
  • Represented the Faculty at Guild Educational Council meetings
  • Advocated for the rights of postgraduate students within the Faculty

Achievements from additional active roles within the committee:

  • Represented the PSA in the UWA Academic Board to voice concerns of postgraduate students, especially with implementation of proposed policy changes
  • Planned and ran events held by the PSA, including monthly “Connect” sessions, Three-minute thesis (3MT) competition, quiz nights, cocktail nights, barbeques, family-fun days, career fairs, O-Day and mental health awareness events
  • Evaluated PSA small grant applications
  • Represented the PSA in Guild discussions involving UWA’s major transition to their new courses structure and successfully came to a resolution

Additional notes about this position:

  • Helped organise events for the social club, including multicultural week, sports tournaments, wine-tasting, lunches and afternoon teas for AFL grand finals, Melbourne Cup, St Patricks’ Day and Oktoberfest

Job scope and achievements:

  • Elected as an independent candidate and represented UWA at the National Union of Students’ conference, Ballarat
  • Held nine votes (pro-rata) on behalf of UWA
  • Voted on behalf of students in UWA, with an emphasis on the welfare of college and international students
  • Attended NUS meetings at the university and state level, discussing issues such as student poverty and welfare, as well as strategies to oppose Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU)

Additional notes about this position:

Job scope and achievements:

  • Advocated for the rights of international students living in the college
  • Successfully coordinated and ran events such as International Night, sports and various other social events
  • Represented Currie Hall as a delegate at the National Association of Australian University Colleges Professional Development Conference, 2004
  • Successfully acquired the Staff Prize, which was awarded to the first year student who contributed the most to college life
  • Oversaw constitutional changes that resulted in having two international Student Representatives on the committee, which was an affirmative action policy
  • Bridged the gap between local and international students by setting up and running events where they could interact and establish lifelong friendships

Job scope and achievements:

  • Understood the issues facing international students from Singapore, some of which included isolation, adaptation to a different culture, and unfamiliarity with the academic setting
  • Advised Singaporean students on academic and non-academic issues
  • Advocated on behalf of Singaporean students at the Guild level when necessary
  • Referred Singaporean students to services within the Guild
  • Successfully organised and ran events such as formal dinners, sports carnivals and nightclub events

Job scope and achievements:

  • Undertook rescue volunteer training, including first aid, storm damage, search, communications, navigation and general rescue
  • Attend call-outs for storm damage operations and searches if possible
  • Assist other uniformed government agencies such as the Police and Firefighters

Skills developed and utilised in this role:

  • Understanding of how uniformed government services operate, including their procedures, incident management and command structure
  • First aid and casualty extraction in urban and bush environments
  • Awareness of expected and appropriate behaviour in emergency situations, such as providing empathy to distressed individuals
  • Awareness of the importance of preserving confidentiality about matters that have occurred while performing duties
  • Mastery of selected competencies from the wide range of nationally accredited rescue volunteer courses

Additional notes about this activity:

  • Unit Managers: Nick Elliott, James Hines, Hazel Darkin

  • Underwent Community Emergency Preparedness Programme training
  • Was involved with community and public education about civil defence

  1. Defend Free Speech (2012)
  2. Equal Love (2012 – 2013)
  3. No Fracking Way (2012 – 2013)

Achievements and skills gained:

  • Obtained an in-depth understanding of social issues faced by diverse community groups
  • Engaged with people from broader sections of the community with a wide range of viewpoints
  • Fundraised for the specific causes
  • Defended a charge against an activist for alleged unlawful behaviour at the magistrate court level

Job scope and achievements:

  • Successfully obtained an ABN and ASIC business registration
  • Produced electronic books and videos about fitness
  • Successfully hired and managed outsourced staff
  • Learnt how to deal with various administrative aspects of the business, such as banking and taxation
  • Commenced social media marketing, with a constantly expanding reach
  • Started a fitness blog which has on average over a thousand monthly visitors within four months of establishment
  • Successfully ranked the blog and some of its articles on the first page of major search engines such as Google for targeted keywords

Skills developed and utilised in this role:

  • Organisational skills, including budget and resource management
  • Negotiation skills with suppliers and sourcing agents
  • Graphic design and video production skills
  • Website hosting and development, as well as troubleshooting skills
  • Web skills, such as copywriting, social media and blog marketing, PPC campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Additional notes about this business:



Endorsements from other professionals pertaining to specific skill sets:

Online scores for English language and customer service tests

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