You can use original articles and videos from Granite Fitness to help potential customers make the wise decision of purchasing the Granite Fitness Masterclass.

However, instead of pasting up selective articles here, I will give you an entire wellspring of resources, so that you can pick your favourite articles and videos, or the more relevant ones.

Blog posts and articles

Since you are an affiliate of a Granite Fitness product, I am giving you permission to use ANY ARTICLE OR BLOG POST from the Granite Fitness Blog, as long as it is for promoting a Granite Fitness product. Please click on the image below to access the blog.


How to use blog articles

Once you get to our blog site, simply browse around until you find an article or blog post that you like. Copy the contents of the blog post by highlighting the text, right-clicking (or equivalent) and clicking on “copy”. Access your preferred text editor such as Microsoft Word. Right click on the text editor and click “paste”. Tada! You have your own reprintable article. Please only use it to promote the Granite Fitness Masterclass.


Similarly, you may embed ANY VIDEO from the Granite Fitness YouTube channel on your blog, as long as it is for promoting a Granite Fitness product. Please CLICK HERE to access the Granite Fitness YouTube channel.

How to use videos

Once you get on the Granite Fitness YouTube channel, the first thing to do is find a video you want to promote. When you get on the video page, click on “Share”, then select the “Embed” tab. Highlight the code on the text area and copy it. That is the HTML code you need to embed it on your webpage or blog.