Here are some product images, book covers and product headers for your marketing campaigns. Feel free to save the images for your own marketing campaigns. Note that you only have permission to use these images for promoting the Granite Fitness products.

How to use the images: Right-click (or equivalent, depending on your computer system) on the image you want and click on “save image as…”. Choose where you want to save it on your computer and click on “save”. Once you have the images, you can use it to promote the Granite Fitness Masterclass, including reviews. Please do not use these images to promote other products.

Needless to say, if you are using the image to link to the Granite Fitness Masterclass website, don’t forget to use your Hoplink so that the sale can be credited to you.

I hope these tools are useful for you. All the best!

1. Product Images

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2. Book Covers

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3. Book Features

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4. Product Headers

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5. Others

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