You’re already an affiliate with Clickbank? Considering promoting the Granite Fitness Masterclass? 

Well, here are some reasons to do so:

1. The Granite Fitness Masterclass is a great product with a strong philosophy! Lead the right people to the page and the product sells itself! This also means that you will not live with the guilt of promoting a bogus scam product. Ain’t nobody got time for bad karma.

2. If your potential customer does not buy immediately, you can still get the commission! That’s right, as long as they visit your link and end up buying the product within 60 days, you will be credited with the sale. That gives you time to pursue them and convince them to purchase. If you are a Clickbank affiliate, you will already know this.

3. Because the Granite Fitness Masterclass is an effective program, expect a really low refund rate. This means that you keep most of your earnings. Stop your effort going down the drain with dodgy programs with a high refund rate.

4. Because the Granite Fitness Masterclass works, you do not have to worry about your reputation being ruined. Your mailing list, if you have one, will continue trusting you. In fact, they will be eternally thankful and buy more products from you in future.

5. We make things easy for you with pre-made banners for all of your campaigns. And to make things even better, we will allow you to extract any article from the Granite Fitness Blog to use for your promotions. What could be better than using one of our articles on your web page with your affiliate link at the bottom?

6. Granite Fitness has an active blog that is constantly growing. This means that by promoting our products, you are partnering a legitimate business and not some fly-by-night operation. You can check out the blog here if you wish.

7. Since Granite Fitness is a legitimate business, we will be looking at creating other products in future. In fact, there are already plans in the pipeline. This is something you will definitely want in on!

8. No extra hassle on your part. All you have to do is get people to purchase the Granite Fitness Masterclass once. That’s it! After they have purchased you do not have to worry about shipping (there is none) or customer service or support because we do all of it for you!

9. Cash incentives for super-affiliates and top salespeople. More details coming up.

To make it clear to you, Granite Fitness will be offering a 50% commission for every sale of the Granite Fitness Masterclass. However, we do have a tiering system in place. That means that after you hit a certain sales target, we will raise your commission percentage, up to a maximum of 75%!

Think about the benefits that come with being a high tier affiliate. You could potentially be making a living by simply doing this. It also means you can work your own hours and at any location where you have access to the internet.

Put it in perspective and do the math:

A mere 5 sales a week gets you over $5200 a year! However, I know that you can do so much better than this. It’s a great product with a one-off payment, so that will entice people to buy. On that note, and because I’m feeling generous, let me give you two quick tips FOR FREE that you can and should use with the Granite Fitness Masterclass.

1.When pitching a sale, remind the potential customer that this is a one-off payment. Get them to put things in perspective. How much more will they be spending in the long-term if they continued relying on pills, powders, gym memberships, exercise classes, meal plans, or any other ongoing system. When you put this into perspective for them, they will see the value of this. Plus, you will also look like a saint!

2. Keep in touch with the people whom you sell to. Because of the fact that the Granite Fitness Masterclass works, they will start seeing results soon. When this happens, ask them to recommend it to their friends, and GIVE THEM YOUR HOPLINK to share! Oh, and if you get them to write us a good testimonial and/or provide a “before and after” photo, we will reward you!

Interested? I know you are.

Stop considering and join today. Do it now! Because the Granite Fitness Masterclass works, it is only a matter of time before it starts selling like crazy. Get in on the action before other super affiliates beat you to it. It is not too late, but time is of the essence.

PS. If you are NOT with Clickbank, click here to find out how to be one.

Important Notice!

You DO NOT need to be an affiliate in the fitness niche to rake in big bucks with the Granite Fitness Masterclass. You can promote the Granite Fitness Masterclass even if your marketing experience is in other niches. After all, the desire to lose weight and get in shape is almost universal.

In fact, if you promote to other niches via ad campaigns or your own list, you will be reaching a market that other fitness-focused affiliates have not reached. That means more success for you! How’s that for strategy eh? Examples of such niches are parenting, depression, diabetes, anime, dog training, acne, dental, etc etc etc

So how do you start?

Simply leave your name and email on the contact form at the bottom of this page to sign up for our affiliate newsletter. Note that we will NOT be spamming you or sharing your details with other people. We will probably be sending you one or two emails each month.

Furthermore, with your email address, we can alert you of other product launches in future so that you can promote them to your list. We want to establish a great long-term business relationship with all our affiliates. After all, we are all in this together! One for all, and all for one!

After you leave your details with us, you will be taken to a page where all the tools will be given to you. I’m talking about banners, articles and free gifts you can use to entice people to sign up through your affiliate link. See, I’ve even done half the work for you already. Isn’t that great?

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Of course, it’s alright if you don’t want to leave your contact details with us, as long as you know that you’ll be missing out. You can always come back to this page and fill it in later anyway.

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