Promoting the Granite Fitness Masterclass

There are many ways of finding people who want to get in shape. Let’s explore some of them. But before I continue, I want to let you know that a lot of the methods below are “insider secrets”. I’m sharing them with you because I know that you want to do the right thing, and will represent Granite Fitness with dignity.

Here they are:

1. Facebook Marketing

You can use your Facebook account for to promote Granite Fitness products. The first thing you have to do is to find Facebook groups and pages where there are people who wish to become lose weight, get fit, eat healthily, exercise or become healthier. After you join the group, you can engage in indirect or direct marketing.

An example of indirect marketing would be to post on the page or comment on a post with a short message and your unique affiliate link. People who see the post or comment can then check out the product via your link. That’s all the work you have to do! Everything else is done by the website.

Direct marketing on Facebook is a little different. This involves directly sending a Facebook message to someone who is part of such a Facebook page or group. In your message you will then ask them to check out the website via your unique affiliate link. Just like with indirect marketing, the rest of the work is done by the website.

Note: Please be respectful and DO NOT go around mindlessly spamming everyone with your messages. If you do that, your account might get banned by Facebook. It will also give Granite Fitness a bad name. Remember, we are caring and ethical people, so our actions must reflect that at all times!

2. Twitter Marketing

This is similar to Facebook marketing. However, there is one additional way to find people you can help. You can use the hashtag search function on Twitter to find tweets that relate to weight loss and fitness. You can then reply to their tweet and include your unique affiliate link. Since Twitter only allows 140 characters, you can use a URL shortener service to shorten your affiliate link.

3. YouTube Video Marketing

If you are not camera shy, you can make a video and upload it on YouTube. The video can be of yourself talking about the Granite Fitness Masterclass and why you believe it will work. Towards the end of the video you can ask them to check out the affiliate link below, which you will have included in the description. After that it is just a matter of getting people to watch your video.

4. Blogs and Forum Marketing

If you are the type of person who likes blogs and forums, you can try this method. Go on the internet and find blogs and forums that are full of people interested in weight loss and fitness. Sign up and leave your messages and unique affiliate link on blog comments or include them in the forum discussion.

p.s. If you are a blog owner, you can try a variation of this method. This involves getting a few banners from us on this page and sticking it up on your blog with your affiliate link on it. East peasy!

5. Email Marketing

If you have access to email lists, be it your own contact list or some other, you can put an message with your unique affiliate link on it. If you have access to a company email list or the mailing list of a community group, there will be people on there who will be trying to lose weight and get healthier.

However, before attempting this, please remember to adhere to our code of ethics. It would be unwise and unethical to send out a mass email to your company or community group just for the purpose of promoting your affiliate link. Instead, you should endeavour to include it in the weekly or monthly mass emailed bulletins.

6. Classified Advertisements

While many of us have heard about Craigslist, there are many other classified ad directories on the internet, some of which are specific to local areas or countries. Two examples of popular Australian directories are Quokka and Gumtree. We have a complete list of directories which we can give you if you become our affiliate.

And guess what? There are usually a free option if you want to put your ad up in those directories. That is because they earn their revenue by other forms of paid advertising. So what’s stopping you from writing up a classified and sticking your affiliate link on it? We will even give you content that you can use as a starting point.

Speaking of directories, online is not the only option. If your local town has a gazette that allows for cheap adverts, there’s nothing stopping you from promoting your affiliate link there too! The sky’s the limit with this one!

7. Paid Online Advertising (NOT recommended if you are new)

This one is only recommended for advanced marketers, and can be a little risky. Basically this involves making a banner with a hyperlink to your unique affiliate link and placing them on Facebook, YouTube, forums, search engines and other sites where people will be curious enough to click on it. However, this method involves paying advertising costs. It is a little risky because of its high level of difficulty.

For this, you need to be able to make enticing banners and set up a campaign on a suitable platform with certain defined parameters that are laser targeted towards the people you are trying to reach. In fact, to make things easy for professional marketers, we even provide banners and other tools to help advanced marketers promote the Granite Fitness Masterclass.

Advanced marketers will know the exact methods for this to work, and can easily recoup their advertising costs. It can be a challenge, and it can be fun, but I wouldn’t recommend it for regular non-marketing people. I can teach you how to do this in future.

8. Local Offline Marketing

This method is unique and often underutilised. If you live in a town where you know that many people want to get in shape, you can try some offline methods.

You can print a message with your unique affiliate link on little pieces of paper or cards and distribute them in the mail. You can also leave them out at counters on shopfronts, cafes, gyms, daycare centres, supermarkets, grocery store etc.

Alternatively you can write your message, print them on A4/A5 sheets and paste them on notice boards with perforated bits at the end with your unique affiliate link. In this way,  people can simply tear off a bit to bring home.

This method might cost you a few dollars, but it can be a fun exercise, especially because you can have a nice walk with the kids in the neighbourhood while doing it.

HINT: You might want to try using a shortened link instead with a FREE link shortener service.

Of course, there are many other ways to promote our products and help people. Try some of those methods above, except number six, and see how you go. Once you gain some experience, I will teach you more advanced methods. Just stick to the methods stated above for now.

Oh, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t give you some materials that can help you in your journey. Although I have stated above that “seasoned” affiliates use them for professional campaigns, you might also find them useful. Click the button below to get access to these.

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