How to use your Affiliate link/Hoplink:

Ok, this is a VERY important section. I ABSOLUTELY INSIST THAT you pay attention to this section as it involves your commission. I believe that if you direct people to a sale, you MUST be rewarded for it. As I said, we are all in this together. I want you to succeed!

Ready? OK let’s go!

In order to track which affiliate sells the Granite Fitness Masterclass, Clickbank uses a system known as “hoplinks”. There are two ways to obtain Hoplinks. One is from the Granite Fitness vendor advert. However, this results in a disgusting and messy looking “dog’s breakfast” hoplink with numbers and letters all over the place.

So instead of that, I will teach you the other way, which is much, much simpler! All you have to do is learn this format:


Substitute (YOURNICKNAME) with your actual Clickbank nickname, and that becomes your unique Hoplink, also known as Affiliate Link! This is the link you will be sending to all your potential customers.

For example, if your Clickbank nickname is “abc123peanutbutter”, your Affiliate Link/HopLink will be:

This means that if someone goes to and ends up buying the Granite Fitness Masterclass, the sale will be credited to you and you will get the commission! Get it?


Ok, I now have one more piece of good news for you. Your potential customer DOES NOT have to make the purchase straightaway. If they use the Hoplink you have given them, you will be credited with the sale as long as they purchase within 60 days!

The way this works is that when they use your hoplink, Clickbank drops something called a “cookie” in their browser, and this gets stored for 60 days. So anytime s/he goes back to and makes a purchase within 60 days, you will get the sale! (unless they clear their cookies or visit another affiliate’s hoplink after yours; both of which are unlikely anyway).

Commissions! Oooh yea!

By the way, we should let you know that you will get 50% for every sale that you make. Since our product sells at a little over US$40, you will get about 20 dollars for every sale.

That means that you ONLY need to get 10 people to purchase from your affiliate link to earn an extra $200. If you know how to do it well, this is NOT hard at all!

Put this in perspective: If you manage to get ONLY 5 people to purchase each week, you will be earning an extra $5,200 a year! Not bad, isn’t it?

JUST BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, HERE IS A BIG TIP FOR YOU : Be sure to let your friends and customers know that a ONE-TIME cost of $45 for long-term weight-loss is much more cost-effective than buying pills, powders, meal plans, or other products where the cost will add up over time.

But how do you find people to purchase?

Well, I did promise on the very first page that I would show you how it’s done right? Click the button below to learn how.

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